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Split Vertical Tube Furn. 1200C

VTF-VS1200 Series Vertical Tube Furnaces
➢ Designed for high-temperature metallurgical, ceramic, chemical and electronic research
➢ High-quality heating elements can tolerate rapid cycling over extended periods
➢ Double-shell structure with cooling fans reduces exterior surface temperature
➢ 40-Segment PID temperature control through SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)
➢ High temperature insulation with insulated end vestibules for better uniformity and energy efficiency
➢ Flange set, furnace tube and other necessary accessories will come with the furnace, so the furnace is ready to use
➢ Gas control and vacuum control units are available
➢ Stainless steel tube can be option
➢ RS-485 port optional to connect to a computer
Model Tube Outer Diameter
Heated Length
WxLxH (cm)
VTF-VS1200-D60 60mm/2.4in 300mm/11.8in 50x50x120 1200 ℃ Cr-Al-Mo Alloy 220V/3kw Alumina
VTF-VS1200-D80 80mm/3.2in 300mm/11.8in 50x50x120 1200 ℃ Cr-Al-Mo Alloy 220V/3kw Alumina
VTF-VS1200-D100 100mm/3.9in 300mm/11.8in 50x50x120 1200 ℃ Cr-Al-Mo Alloy 220V/3kw Alumina
Item Name Product Image Model Qty. Price


CIT-VTF-VS1200-D80 10

VTF-VS1200-D60 Tube Furnace Structu...

Vertical Split Tube Furnace VTF-VS1200-D60
CIT-VTF-VS1200-D60 10

VTF-VS1200-D100 Tube Furnace Struct...

Vertical Split Tube Furnace VTF-VS1200-D100
CIT-VTF-VS1200-D100 10

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