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Ultra-Low Temperature Circulator

High quality stainless steel heated and refrigerated bath
Fast cooling technology to ultra-low temperature quickly
Reliable and large-wattage heater and refrigerator
Easy and rapid heating or cooling
Multiple bath sizes suitable for various application needs
Digital temperature display and control ±0.1 ºC
Automatic over-temperature alarming and cutout
CFC-free refrigerant environment friendly
High-performance pump for efficient circulation and heat-exchange
RS232 or 485 module is optional for data communication with computers

Item Name Product Image Model Qty. Price

Specifications Model: LY80-10 Temperatu...

Ultra-low Temperature Bath Circulator LY80-10 (-80-200ºC, 10L)
CIT-LY80-10 10

Specifications Model: LY80-20 Temperatu...

Ultra-low Temperature Bath Circulator LY80-20 (-80-200ºC, 20L)
CIT-LY80-20 10

Specifications Model: LY80-35 Temperatu...

Ultra-low Temperature Bath Circulator LY80-35 (-80-200ºC, 35L)
CIT-LY80-35 10

Specifications Model: LY90-20 Temperatu...

Ultra-low Temperature Bath Circulator LY90-20 (-90-200ºC, 20L)
CIT-LY90-20 10

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