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Regular 10-50L

Col-Int Tech YDS Series Liquid Nitrogen Containers 10-50L
* Constructed of durable, highe-strength, lightweight aluminum
* High vacuum insulation with 5-year guaranteed warranty
* Numbered inventory system makes sample retrieval easy
* Reduce the risk of misplacing specimens
* Lockable clasp (lock is optional, not included) for specimen security
* 1-year Col-Int Tech parts warranty
Model Number
YDS-15-50 YDS-20-50 YDS-25-50 YDS-30-50 YDS-30-80 YDS-35-50 YDS-35-80
Nitrogen Capacity 15.0L 20.0L 25.0L 30.0L 30.0L 35.0L 35.0L
Number of Canes 3-6 3-6 3-6 3-6 3-6 3-6 3-6
0.50mL Vials 132xn 132xn 132xn 132xn 340xn 132xn 340xn
0.25mL Vials 298xn 298xn 298xn 298xn 764xn 298xn 764xn
Diameter xH 36x63cm 41x70cm 41x73cm 45x70cm 45x70cm 47x71cm 47x71cm
Neck Diameter 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm 80mm 50mm 80mm
Evaporation Rate 0.18L/day 0.18L/day 0.19L/day 0.19L/day 0.26L/day 0.20L/day 0.27L/day
Holding Time 88 days 115 days 134 days 166 days 119 days 179 days 134 days
Weight Empty 8.7kg 12.5kg 12.8kg 13.3kg 13.8kg 14.3kg 15.2kg
Weight Full 21.6kg 29.2kg 34.4kg 38.8kg 39.3kg 43.0kg 43.9g
Canister size: 38x120mm (single); 38x276mm (double)
Item Name Product Image Model Qty. Price

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 15.0 ...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 15L, ND50mm, YDS-15-50
CIT-YDS-15-50 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 20.0 ...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 20L, ND50mm, YDS-20-50
CIT-YDS-20-50 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 25.0 ...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 25L, ND50mm, YDS-25-50
CIT-YDS-25-50 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 30.0 ...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 30L, ND50mm, YDS-30-50
CIT-YDS-30-50 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 30.0 ...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 30L, ND80mm, YDS-30-80
CIT-YDS-30-80 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 35.0 ...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 35L, ND50mm, YDS-35-50
CIT-YDS-35-50 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 35.0 ...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 35L, ND80mm, YDS-35-80
CIT-YDS-35-80 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 47.0 ...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 47L, ND127mm, YDS-47-127
CIT-YDS-47-127 25

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