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Regular 1-10L

Col-Int Tech YDS Series Liquid Nitrogen Containers 1-10L
* Constructed of durable, highe-strength, lightweight aluminum
* High vacuum insulation with 5-year guaranteed warranty
* Numbered inventory system makes sample retrieval easy
* Reduce the risk of misplacing specimens
* Lockable clasp (lock is optional, not included) for specimen security
* 1-year Col-Int Tech part warranty
Model Number
YDS-1-30 YDS-1-50 YDS-2-30 YDS-3-50 YDS-5-200 YDS-6-50 YDS-10-50 YDS-10-80
Nitrogen Capacity 1.0L 1.0L 2.0L 3.0L 5.0L 6.0L 10.0L 10.0L
Number of Canes 1 1 3 3-6 --- 3-6 3-6 3-6
0.25mL Vials 110 298 204 298xn --- 298xn 298xn 764xn
0.50mL Vials 52 132 90 132xn --- 132xn 132xn 340xn
Diameter xH 18x32cm 18x32cm 22x37cm 23x43cm 29x33cm 29x45cm 30x53cm 30x55cm
Neck Diameter 30mm 50mm 30mm 50mm 200mm 50mm 50mm 80mm
Evaporation Rate 0.07L/day 0.10L/day 0.07L/day 0.11L/day 1.67L/day 0.10L/day 0.10L/day 0.17L/day
Holding Time 15 days 10 days 30 days 30 days 3 days 60 days 95 days 60 days
Weight Empty 2.0kg 1.8kg 2.9kg 3.4kg 5.3kg 5.0kg 6.2kg 6.5kg
Weight Full 2.8kg 2.6kg 4.6kg 5.9kg 9.3kg 9.9kg 14.3kg 14.6g
Canister size: 38x120mm (single); 38x276mm (double)
Item Name Product Image Model Qty. Price

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 1.0 L...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 1L, ND30mm, YDS-1-30
CIT-YDS-1-30 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 1.0 L...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 1L, ND50mm, YDS-1-50
CIT-YDS-1-50 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 2.0 L...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 2L, ND30mm, YDS-2-30
CIT-YDS-2-30 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 3.0 L...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 3L, ND50mm, YDS-3-50
CIT-YDS-3-50 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 5.0 L...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 5L, ND200mm, YDS-5-200
CIT-YDS-5-200 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 6.0 L...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 6L, ND50mm, YDS-6-50
CIT-YDS-6-50 24

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 10.0 ...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 10L, ND50mm, YDS-10-50
CIT-YDS-10-50 25

Specification: Nitrogen Capacity: 10.0 ...

Liquid Nitrogen Container 10L, ND80mm, YDS-10-80
CIT-YDS-10-80 25

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