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Split Tube Furnace VTF-SH1200-D50L800

Price :
  • Model: CIT-VTF-SH1200-D50L800
  • Shipping Weight: 175lbs
  • Units in Stock : 9
  • Application: Heat & Sintering


VTF-SH1200-D50L800 Vacuum and Atmosphere-Controlled Tube Furnace
Structure Steel structure
Excellent self-cooling maintains low surface temperature
Temperature Continuous working temperature <1100℃
Maximum temperature, 1200℃
Temperature is controlled at +/-1℃ with 40-segment PID programmable digital controller
Tube Size OD 50mm, ID 44 mm, Length 800 (mm)
Heating Zone 250mm/10inch
Heating Unit 1200℃ grade Cr-Al-Mo alloy heating element
Working Voltage AC 110/220V single phase (50/60 Hz)
Gas Flow Gas flow control system
CIT-GCS-Z2 or CIT-GCS-Z3 is recommended
Weight Product weight, 120 lbs
Shipping weight, 150 lbs
Dimension Product dimension, 40x62x62 cm;
Package dimension, 50x70x70 cm
Optional Accessories Gas control system, CIT-GCS-Z2 or CIT-GCS-Z3
Vacuum control system
Spare connectors and hoses
See the furnace accessories webpage