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Education Microscopes CIT-50

Professional level but low price range
Ideal for both teaching and research purpose
Variable body shapes with magnification of 1600X
Head with eyepiece tube inclined at 45° rotating through 360°
Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system
Double layer stage (125x115mm) with mechanical sliding, moving range 50x30mm
White LED illuminator with brightness control
Quadruple reversed nosepiece
Easy switch between brightfield and darkfield
1.25 N.A. Abbe type condenser with centering system
Item Name Product Image Model Qty. Price

Specifications Model: CIT-MS-501 Body: ...

Microscope CIT-MS-501
CIT-MS-501 100

Specifications Model: CIT-MS-502 Body: ...

Microscope CIT-MS-502
CIT-MS-502 100

Specifications Model: CIT-MS-503 Body: ...

Microscope CIT-MS-503
CIT-MS-503 100

Specifications Model: CIT-MS-504 Body: ...

Microscope CIT-MS-504
CIT-MS-504 100

Specifications Model: CIT-MSC-MD20 Reso...

CIT-MSC-MD20 100

Specifications Model: CIT-MSC-MD30 Reso...

CIT-MSC-MD30 100

Specifications Model: CIT-MSC-MD50 Reso...

CIT-MSC-MD50 100

Specifications Model: CIT-MSC-MD90 Reso...

CIT-MSC-MD90 100

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