Battery Tester 8-Channels

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: BT-8C5V-A1

Voltage Input: AC115V
Tester and Frames: 5V 1mA & 10mA
Sale price$2,150.00


Compact design and small footprint for lab battery testing and cycling
Power input voltage AC115V or AC230V 50/60Hz
Max. output 30W/180W/200W
Standard resolution AD 16bit, DA 12bit
Input impendence >1MΩ (ohm)
Battery voltage charge 0-5V, discharge 0-5V, accuracy 0.05%FS
Current range as specified, error <0.15mA, accuracy 0.05%FS 
Current response time <10mS
Step interval 50mS
Time setup <365x24 hours/step in h/min/S format
Data record frequency 10Hz
Charge models: HOLD, CC, CV, CP, DCIR, CRATE
Discharge models: HOLD, DC, DV, DP, DR, DRATE
Cycle times 1-65000, max steps 1100
Multiple protection modes
Testing mode: four electrodes or tri-electrode
Noise: <75dB
Channels: 8 total, independent
Communication mode: RS422 (PC interface)
Data format: CSV, EXCEL, TXT
Environment: -10~50 °C, humidity <95%
Product dimensions 40x25x6cm, weight 5kg
One year limited warranty
CAUTION: Frames supplied for multiple units purchase.

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