Chemical Reactor Controllers

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: TMC-1205-AC115

Model/Type: TMC-1205
Voltage: AC115V 1P
Sale price$750.00


Digital timing meter and controller
output control by SSR on/off
Input voltage=output voltage
Safety detector or any on/off signal protection
Output AC115V or 230V through SSR
Different timing modes programmable
Timing 0-9999hours
Voltage input: AC115V or AC230V

Speed control BLDC24V 5A, SSR heating output <12A, temperature PID control and BLDC motor control.
Chemical reactor control system, heating, speed and timing, PID temperature control, output <15A, speed for BLDC24V motor, digital timing, program on/off.
ChemStar Chemical Reactor Control System, 7/10 inch touch screen, multiple segment/step control, each step temperature and stirring speed, time programmable, data export usb port, stirring motor AC 3 phase motor using VFD module, EasyAccess2.0 remote cloud control.

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