Heated & Refrigerated Bath and Circulators -20/40℃~100℃

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: LBC-HC2007-115V

Model: LBC-HC2007
Voltage: AC 115V
Sale price$2,175.00


General heated and refrigerated bath and circulator
Maintain constant temperature at high precision
Stainless steel tank, seamless welding, leakage tested
Merged stainless steel heating rods
Liquid level sensor switch for shutoff 
External thermostat for extra protection
Maximum temperature 100 ℃ 
Lowest temperature -20 ℃ or -40  ℃ 
Brushless DC motor driven pump, long lasting
Pump speed 0~20L/min, stepless control
Connector female NPT3/8 for HC2007/2015 and NPT1/2 for HC2030
Excellent insulation to prevent heat loss and improve energy efficiency
PID temperature controller with PT-100 RTD sensor
7-inch touch screen control panel
Over-temperature protection built-in
One-year standard warranty
 Model Tank
Heating Compressor
Open Area
Amp AC115/230V
LBC-HC2007 7.5L
1000W 250W/R404a  18x14cm
LBC-HC2015 15L
1500W 495W/R404a  24x16cm
LBC-HC2030 30L
2500W 1250W/R404a 31x28cm
LBC-HC4007 7.5L 1000W 550W/R404a 18x14cm
LBC-HC4015 15L
1500W 750W/R404a  24x16cm
LBC-HC4030 30L 2500W 2200W/R404a 31x28cm
Cooling Capacity/Refrigerating Watts:
 Model -40  ℃  -20  ℃ 
-10  ℃  ℃ 
10  20 
LBC-HC2007 ---
225W 450W 750W 1150W 1650W
LBC-HC2015 ---
485W 850W 1350W 2050W 2750W
LBC-HC2030 --- 1250W 2500W 3750W 5050W 6750W
LBC-HC4007 225W 560W
 980W 1550W 2400W 3100W
LBC-HC4015 355W
1200W 1800W 2300W 3050W 3850W
LBC-HC4030 1000W
3500W 4800W 6000W 9000W 12.5KW

*** Data provided by compressor manufacturer, not measured by VivTek ***

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