Heating Mantle --- Stirring 350 ℃

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: HM01100-T1

Model: HM01100 100mL
Type: T: No Stirring
Voltage: AC 115V
Sale price$250.00


Stirring heating mantles with multiple options
Maximum temperature 350 ℃
Brushless DC motor for long life and powerful stirring
Motor BLDC 24V 17W for 100-500mL, 35W for 1L-5L
Large LCD display of temperature, speed, timing, and also the running status
PID temperature controller with PT-100 RTD sensor
Frame/stand for easy experiment setup
Type T: Heating only, digital temperature controller
Type S: Heating with stirring, no display of speed, no timing
Type TS: Heating and stirring, both digital control, digital timing function, additional heating like heating cover or option option  
One year standard warranty for worry free use
 Model Flask Vol.
Heating Stirring 2nd Heating
HM01100 100mL
100W 17W 50W
HM02150 250mL 150W 17W 50W AC115/230V
HM05250 500mL
250W 17W 50W AC115/230V
HM10350 1000mL
350W 35W 100W AC115/230V
HM20500 2000mL 500W 35W 100W AC115/230V
HM50900 5000mL 900W 35W 100W AC115/230V

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