Muffle Box Furnaces --- 1400/1700 °C Atmosphere-Controlled

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: ACBF1400-V12

Volume/Voltage: ACBF14-V12 AC230V
Option: Furnace Only
Sale price$9,250.00


Double-shell steel structure
Air-cooling between the inner and outer chamber walls
Maximum temperature, 1400/1700℃
Continuous working temperature, 1350/1650℃
Temperature is controlled at +/-1℃ with 40-segment programmable controller (PID)
Heating rate, 0-20℃
Auto over-temperature protection
Insulation material refractory alumina (<1800℃)
Built-in heating SiC or MoSi2 U-Shape rods, easy to change when needed 
Steel shell jacketed for excellent gas tightness/sealing
Front door water cooled
Pressure gauge and gas fittings installed
pressure range 20KPa-100KPa
Gas purging pressure <5KPa
Optional gas pressure controller for automatic purging/inert gas protection
Applications: composite research, metals treatment, high temperature fine ceramic research, powder metallurgy, nano-materials
Voltage input AC230V single or three phase as specified or requested
CE Certified (Optional ETL with extra cost)
One year limited manufacturer warranty
 Model Heating Watts Chamber Volume Chamber Dimensions Overall Dimensions
ACBF14-V12 6000W
12L 30x20x20cm 75x80x100cm
ACBF14-V36 12000W
36L 40x30x30cm 85x80x120cm
ACBF17-V12 6000W 12L 30x20x20cm 75x80x140cm
ACBF17-V36 12000W 36L 40x30x30cm 85x80x150cm
For heating elements, Col-Int Tech recommend to change the whole set to avoid heating problems and to achieve even temperature field.

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