Agate Mortar & Pestle

Col-Int TechSKU: AMD-D50

Size: AMP-D50
Extra Pestle: None
Sale price$75.00


Natural high purity agate (SiO2 >99.9%)
Octagonal mortar with pestle
Hand-polished surface
Good resistant to acids (except HF) and organic solvents
Model  Volume Diameter Depth Height
AMP-D50 20mL 50mm 12mm 20mm
AMP-D80 50mL 80mm 18mm 25mm
AMP-D100 80mL 100mm 20mm 30mm
AMP-D125 175mL 125mm 25mm 40mm
AMP-D150 250mL 150mm 30mm 45mm
AMP-D200 400mL 200mm 40mm 65mm

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