Bulk Tray Freeze Dryer with Heating -60 °C

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: VZX-240L

Type: No Machine, Vacuum Pump Only
Chamber/Bottle: VZX-240L 9.0cfm
Sale price$1,450.00


High performance refrigerating system
Separate chamber for ice condensing and drying, easy operation and fast drying
Quiet operation, 24 hours continuous and unattended
Stainless steel inner surfaces, excellent anti-corrosion
Clear acrylic glass drying chamber door, drying process observable
Purge valve optional for inner gas protection
Heated sample shelves, temperature controllable by microprocessor
Sample heating temperature (-45~55°C) programmable by PID
Digital LCD display and drying curve plotting
Ice condenser temperature <-60°C
Vacuum limit <10Pa
Vacuum pump AC230V 550W, 240L/min 9.0cfm or VacStar-RV16 15.0cfm
Voltage input AC230V 1P or 3P 50/60Hz
Warranty: 12-month manufacturer limited 
 Model Area Shelves Tray Size Dimensions
FD55-F10 0.2m2 2 27x40cm 65x55x100cm
FD55-F10S 0.1m2 1 27x40cm 65x55x120cm
FD55-F30 0.4m2 4+1 30x32cm 65x80x140cm
FD55-F50 0.7m2 4+1 36x50cm 75x100x150cm 3000W
 Model Spacing Serum Bottles e-Heating Capacity Voltage
Φ22/ Φ16/ Φ12
FD55-F10 70mm 185/385/600
400W 3kg/day
AC230V 1P
FD55-F10S 70mm 185/385/600
400W 2kg/day
AC230V 1P
FD55-F30 50mm 370/770/1200
800W 6kg/day AC230V 1P
FD55-F50 4+1 550/1150/2400
1600W 10kg/day AC230V 3P

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