Conductive Carbon Coated Aluminum and Copper Foil for Battery Cathode

Col-Int TechSKU: Cu-Foil10-SC

Material: Copper
Single/Double Side Coating: Single Coating
Sale price$275.00


Excellent conductivity with 1um carbon coating
Option of single or double side coated
Ideal for Li-Ion battery cathode substrate
Purity >99.9%
Thickness 16um for Al and 10 um for copper (carbon coating not accounted)
Density ~0.5g/cm2 for Al, ~0.9g/cm2 for Cu
Coating thickness about 1um
Surface resistivity <30 ohms per 25um2
Binder modified acrylate adhesive, water based
Foil width 260mm (~230mm coated), length ~80m for Al, ~10m for Cu
Weight 1kg for Al and 0.4kg for Cu

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