Conductive Platinum Paste Ink

Col-Int TechSKU: PTI-7840-10G

Type and Pack: PTI-7840 10 grams Pt Content
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Conductive Platinum Paste/Ink
Main chemical: Pt>99.99%
Color: dark grey
State: Liquid paste glue
Storage Temperature: 5~20℃ in refrigerator if needed
Pt Content: 10/25grams, Pt% by weight about 80%
Pt particle size <15um
Viscosity 40-90 Pa.S
Applications: improve heat/electric conductivity in electronics and ceramic parts
Method: Applied to the surfaces, then solidification pre-heat treatment at 150C for 4 hours or at 300-350C for 15-30 min, final heat treatment at 850~1200C for 30~60 min.

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