Centrifuge LTC-L600 6000RPM

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: LTC-L600-1A2A115

Rotor 01: 12x15mL
Rotor 02: 24x5mL
Voltage: AC115V
Sale price$2,750.00


Compact size, space saving
Light weight, quiet operation
Microprocessor control through frequency conversion
Wide speed range and precise speed control
Auto balancing, electronic cover locking, more safety
Wide application in biology, chemistry, pharmacy and materials science

Max. Speed: 6000 rpm
Max. RCF: 5120 xg
Rotor capacity: 12x15mL by default
Optional rotors: 24x5mL (02A), 24x10mL (02B), 12x15mL (02C), 4x50mL (02D)
Timing Range: 0-99 min
Power Supply: AC115V, 350W
Dimensions: 370x430x250 (mm)
Product weight: 20 kg/45 lbs

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