Disc Plate Mills

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: LDM15-D1-115

Model: LDM-15
Power Supply: AC115V
Extra Blades: Yes
Sale price$2,250.00


Full stainless steel structure, very durable, good for food grinding
Cast iron grinding discs, one still, one moving, excellent grinding power
Easy change of grinding discs
De-iron magnets installed and ensure food safety
Speed: 1700 rpm
Operation: continuous, no time limit
Grinding results: 40-200 mesh
Particle size or powder fineness adjusted by changing disk gap
Easy operation and cleaning
Built-in disc wiper to prevent clogging
One year standard limited warranty
 Model Motor Capacity Dimensions Weight Voltage
LDM-15 1500W 10-20kg/h 50x25x70cm 20kg AC115/230V
LDM-22 2200W 15-30kg/h 60x40x60cm 50kg AC115/230V
LDM-30 3000W 30-50kg/h 60x50x60cm 75kg AC230V
LDM-30W 3000W 30-50kg/h 60x50x60cm 100kg AC230V

*** LDM-30W: Grinding chamber is cooled by water circulation, water chiller CW-3000 is included with the price.

*** LDM-22/30/30W: Stainless steel stand/cart is NOT included in the price.

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