Freeze Dryer e-Heated 6kg/day -55 °C or -80 °C

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: FD55-C6A

Type: -55 °C Condenser
Chamber/Bottle: Type A: 4 Trays
Sale price$10,750.00


High performance refrigerating system
Console floor stand model
Wide and open ice condenser, easy operation
Quiet operation, 24 hours continuous and unattended
Stainless steel inner surfaces, excellent anti-corrosion
Clear acrylic glass drying chamber, drying process observable
Purge valve optional for inner gas protection
Digital LCD display and drying curve plotting
Vacuum pump: 240L/min, limit 0.5Pa
Ice condenser temperature: -55°C or -80°C
Processing capacity: 6kg/24hours Vacuum < 10Pa
Electrical shelf heating function optional
Four types of drying chambers available (A, B, C, D, E)
    A: 4-7 (default 4) shelves/trays, Ø200mm, 0.18M2
    B: 4 shelves/trays with 8-manifold bottles
    C: Stoppering device, 3-5 (default 3) shelves 220mm, Serum bottles
    D: Stoppering device with manifold, 3 shelves, Ø180mm, Manifold for 8 flasks
    E: 24-T-shape manifold bottles (25-650mL or as customized) NO HEATING
Accessories: all included
Footprint 24x30inch, 60inch height
Voltage input AC230V
Warranty: 12-month manufacturer limited

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