Glass Reactors 10-100L

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: CR-X10GS

Size: 10L Glass Reactor
Touch Screen +EasyAccess2.0: Yes
Sale price$7,750.00


High quality borosilicate glass G1.7/3.3
Stainless steel frame system with easy use clamps
Multiple ports on reactor vessel cover for stirring/condenser/temperature probe/feeding, cover installation by bolted aluminum frame/flange
Electrical mantle heating built-in
5-inch solid feeding port with easy clamp
Temperature, room ~ 200 °C
PT-100 temperature sensor (PTFE coated or glass tube)
PID temperature controller +/-0.1°C
Bottom discharge, no dead space PTFE valve
Condenser: glass coils with collection or reflux
Feeding funnel 1L-2L
Applications: chemical synthesis and processing at lab scale
Stirring Speed: <600RPM
Stirring motor 90-200W
BLDC or AC motor for more power and high torque at low speed range
Stirring paddles or impeller available or as requested
Steel frame with built-in heating mantle, lockable wheels for easy move
Optional upgrade to touch screen controller with remote control capacity
Power supply AC230V single phase
Full glass sets with turn-key solution
 Model Volume
Mantle Dimensions Voltage
10L 3000W
65x55x180cm AC230V
20L 5000W
75x60x200cm AC230V
50L 6000W 80x75x225cm AC230V
CR-X100GS 100L 8000W
85x80x250cm AC230V

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