Heated Baths --- Circulator 200 ℃

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: LBC-H05-T200-115V

Models: LBC-H05-T200
Options: Bath Only (No hose and cooling lid)
Voltage: AC 115V
Sale price$950.00


General heated water/oil bath and circulator
Stainless steel tank, seamless welding, leakage tested
Merged stainless steel heating rods
Liquid level sensor switch for shutoff 
External thermostat for extra protection
Maximum temperature 200 ℃ (ceramic fiber insulation)
Brushless DC motor driven pump, long lasting
Pump speed 20L/min for H08/H16 and 35L/min for H32/H64
Connector female NPT3/8 for H08/H16 and NPT1/2 for H32/H64
Excellent insulation to prevent heat loss and improve energy efficiency
PID temperature controller with PT-100 RTD sensor
7-inch touch screen control panel
Over-temperature protection built-in
One year standard warranty for worry free use
 Model Tank Vol.
Heating AC115/230V Pump
Amp AC115/230V
LBC-H05T200 5L
800W/800W 100W/20L/min
LBC-H15T200 15L
1500W/3000W 100W/20L/min 15A/15A
LBC-H32T200 32L
--- /4000W 160W/35L/min ---/20A
LBC-H64T200 64L
--- /9000W 160W/35L/min ---/50A

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