Heating System for High Pressure Reactors

Col-Int TechSKU: TC508-115V-HR6060W500

Temperature Controller: TC-508 AC115V: Single point control
Heating Ring/Furnace: Heating Ring Φ=60MM H=60MM 500W
Sale price$650.00


TC-508 General temperature controller
Output <15A
Voltage output=voltage input
K-type temperature controller (40inch long wire with quick connector)
YD-508 or Delta 4824 controller
TC-508A temperature controller with power regulator
Heating power regulator is used to regulate the voltage on the heating element and improve the temperature control and accuracy.
Heating Rings: ceramic packing or cast aluminum
Diameter 50-120MM, ring height 50-120MM
Heating watts 350-2000W
Heating up to 300C degrees
Voltage AC115V or 230V
Heating Furnaces:
Recommended for heating >300 Celsius degrees
Stainless steel frame with insulated heating module
High temperature heating filament coils
Voltage AC230V

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