High Speed Beads Agitator

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: HSMD2-0.25L

Model: HSMD-V2
Jacketed Vessel: 250mL S304
Sale price$4,250.00


Elegant design, easy to operate
Ideal for wet beads grinding and dispersing tasks
Dual working heads for different tasks
Applications: (1) Beads agitator with 0.2-3mm zirconia beads, (2) Stainless steel dispersing (high-shear) head for emulsification or mixing,
Energy and speed control enables reproducible results
Powerful AC motor with VFD controller, digital display and control
Applications: agriculture, biology, biotechnology, materials science, ceramics, painting and ink industries
 Model Speed RPM
Volume Dimensions Motor
HSMD-V2.0 7500 500-2000mL 60x50x80cm 550W
HSMD-V8.0F 7500 1000-4000mL 60x50x95cm 2200W
 ***HSMD-V8F is explosion-proof.

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