Hydraulic Press --- Cold Isostatic 20/40/60 Tons

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: CIP-M20T

Model/Force: 20 Ton
Option: Manual
Sale price$5,750.00


Compact cold isostatic pressing machine, designed for laboratory applications.
Easy to use and maintain, ideal for powder pressing.
Working oil chamber: D30xL150, D40xL200, D50xL250
Maximum travel distance: 40/40/50mm
CIP pressure stability: <1MPa/10min
Maximum CIP pressure: 300MPa/43500psi
Hydraulic Pressing Force: 20/40/60 Tons
Safety Enclosure: yes, steel structure for safe operation
Pressure control: manual or digital automatic
Hydraulic pump pressure <40MPa
Work with 5W-10 or 5W-20 mobil oil
Built-in safety enclosure for safety requirements
Accessories include oil tin, hex wrench, o-rings
One-year limited manufacturer warranty
 Model Max. Force CIP Piston CIP Depth
CIP Travel
CIP-M20T 20 ton ϕ30mm 150mm
CIP-A20T 20 ton ϕ30mm 150mm 40mm 300lbs
CIP-M40T 40 ton ϕ40mm 200mm 40mm 400lbs
CIP-A40T 40 ton ϕ40mm 200mm 40mm 400lbs
CIP-M60T 60 ton ϕ50mm 250mm 50mm 750lbs
CIP-A60T 60 ton ϕ50mm 250mm 50mm 750lbs

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