Hydraulic Press --- Manual 5~60 Tons

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: LPM-5TB

Model/Force: 5 Ton
Gauge: Analog
Sale price$975.00


Manual hydraulic pressing machines
Pressing force from 5tons to 60tons
Two-pole (5/12T)or four-pole (15/24/40/60T) full-steel structure
Top wheel to adjust pressing position and limit travel distance
Travel distance 20~30mm
Quick oil discharge and fast pressing
Hydraulic pump pressure <40MPa
Work with 5W-10 or 5W-20 mobil oil
Built-in safety enclosure for safety requirements
Accessories include oil tin, hex wrench, o-rings
One-year limited manufacturer warranty
 Model Max. Force Piston Stage Working Space Weight
LPM-5TB 5 ton ϕ45mm ϕ60mm
10x10x13cm 50lbs
LPM-12TB 12 ton ϕ70mm ϕ80mm 12x12x13cm 60lbs
LPM-15T 15 ton ϕ80mm ϕ100mm 8x8x13cm 90lbs
LPM-24T 24 ton ϕ95mm ϕ120mm 9x9x15cm 100lbs
LPM-40TL 40 ton ϕ130mm ϕ150mm 16x16x20cm 175lbs
LPM-60TL 60 ton ϕ150mm ϕ175mm 16x16x20cm 250lbs

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