Hydrothermal Autoclave Reactors

Col-Int TechSKU: HTC230-V10-12MPa

Size: 10mL
Material: PTFE (Teflon)
Rupture Disc Safety: 12.5MPa
Sale price$400.00


Hydrothermal autoclave reactors, also called acid digestion vessels
SUS304 sleeve, easy assembling, loading and unloading
Inner polymer liner chamber PTFE or PPL (modified PTFE)
PTFE liner chamber up to 200 °C, 280 °C for PPL chambers
Pressure up to 10MPa (1450psi) at temperature <300 °C
Rupture disc safety device is optional (200°C, 12MPa, SUS316, certified)
Vessel volumes 10/25/50/100/150/200/500mL

Under Patent: ZL 201921413544.5 (VivTek Instruments)

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