Jacketed Glass Reactors 1-100L (UL/cUL certified)

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: CR-X1GD-noEA

Model: 1L Jacketed Glass Reactor
EasyAccess 2.0: No
Sale price$5,750.00


High quality borosilicate glass G3.3
Stainless steel frame system with easy use clamps
Multiple ports on reactor vessel cover for stirring/condenser/temperature probe/feeding
Automatic and programmable control with touch screen interface
7 -inch touch screen HMI with USB data export
History trend curve for temperature and stirring speed
Remote control through wifi or internet (Easy Access 2.0)
Applications: chemical synthesis and processing at lab scale
Stirring Speed: <600RPM
200W AC gear motor for more power and high torque at low speed range
PT-100 temperature probes for reactor vessel and inlet/outlet circulation
Over-temperature alarm
Stirring paddles or impeller available or as requested
Full glass sets with turn-key solution
UL/cUL Listed E506680
 Model Volume
Jacket Vol. Dimensions Voltage
CR-X1GD 1.0L 1.2L 50x50x120cm AC115/230V
CR-X2GD 2.0L 1.5L 50x50x120cm AC115/230V
CR-X3GD 3.0L 1.5L 50x50x120cm AC115/230V
CR-X5GD 5L 2.5L 55x55x150cm AC115/230V
10L 3.5L
60x60x180cm AC115/230V
20L 7.5L
70x70x200cm AC115/230V
50L 15L
70x70x240cm AC115/230V
CR-X100GD 100L 23L 80x80x240cm AC115/230V

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