Jaw Crusher

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: JC15+Plate

Model: JC-15
Option: Machine
Extra Plates: Yes
Sale price$3,500.00


Heavy duty jaw crusher for laboratory or production
Ideal for crushing, grinding and pulverization
Mn-steel jaw plates
Jaw space adjustable
Crushing pressure up to 250MPa
Motor speed 1700RPM
Bottom sample collection box
One year standard limited warranty
 Model Mouth Feed Size Output Size Motor Capacity Voltage
JC-15 10x6cm <50mm 2-10mm
1.5KW 0.5m3/h AC230V 1P
JC-22 10x10cm <80mm 5-25mm 2.2KW
0.8m3/h AC230V 3P
JC-30 15x12cm
<100mm 5-40mm 3.0KW 1.5m3/h AC230V 3P

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