Freeze Dryer Benchtop 3kg/day -55 °C or -80 °C

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: FD55-B3A

Type: -55 °C Condenser
Chamber/Bottle: Type A: 4 Trays
Sale price$4,750.00


laboratory general purpose freeze drying machine
Ice condense temperature: -55 °C or -80 °C
Vacuum level: 10 Pa
Processing capacity: 3kg/24hours ice sublimation
Materials: Stainless steel condenser, acrylic chamber, stainless steel shelves
Stainless steel round tray: diameter 22cm, rim 2.0cm
7 Inch touch screen controller
Vacuum gauge Pirani type, meter only
Vacuum pump: 120L/min, limit 0.5Pa (optional)
Glass bottle: 25/50mL, 75/150/300/600mL (wide mouth)
Different drying chamber and shelve settings to choose
    Type A: 4 shelves, 0.12m2
    Type B: 3 shelves with stoppering device
    Type C: 4 shelves, 0.12m2, with 8 manifold bottles (25-600mL)
    Type D: 3 shelves with stoppering device and 8 manifold bottles
    Type E: 24 T-shape manifold bottles only (25-600mL)
Accessories: trays and bottles (A: three trays, BCD: two trays, CD: bottles 25/75/150/300mL, E: bottles 25-600mL)
Voltage input AC115V or AC230V
Warranty: 12-mon limited

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