Lithium Ion Battery Electrolyte LiPF6

Col-Int TechSKU: LiPF6-LB-001

Composition/Formula: LB-001
Pack Size: 100g
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Electrolyte LiPF6 for lithium ion battery research
Wide range of composition to choose
100mL Aluminum bottle sealed and packed for safe shipping
Moisture <20ppm   Free acid (HF) <50ppm
Density ~1.20g/mL  Electrical conductivity ~1.4mS/cm
Chlorine <1ppm, sulfate <10ppm, sodium <10ppm, ion < 6ppm, lead <5ppm
CAUTION: the electrolyte has to be processed in an inert gas protected atmosphere (glovebox recommended).
There is no warranty after the bottle is opened, or any return or exchange.

*** Packing size 125mL Al bottle, 100grams, 275mL/250g, 625mL/500g, 1125mL/100g

*** Please confirm the availability of the product, delivery time may be up to 30 days.

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