Lithium Salt for Battery Electrolyte

Col-Int TechSKU: LiBOB-50g

Condensed Name: LiBOB
Packing Size: 50g
Sale price$275.00


High purity lithium salts for battery
Purity >99.99%
CAUTION: the electrolyte has to be processed in an inert gas protected atmosphere (glovebox recommended).
There is no warranty after the bottle is opened, or any return or exchange.
ACS Code/Condensed Name/Full Name

244761-29-3      LiBOB        
33454-82-9        LiCF3SO3     
409071-16-5      LiDFOB   
21324-40-3        LiPF6    
171611-11-3      LiFSI
14283-07-9        LiBF4
24389-25-1        LiPO2F2
90076-65-6        LiTFSI   
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