Lithium Sulfur Battery Electrolyte 125-1000mL

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Formula Code: LS-001
Packing Size: 100g
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Electrolyte for lithium sulfur battery research
Different formulas to choose
125mL Aluminum bottle sealed and packed for safe shipping (about 100g)
Moisture <50ppm   Free acid (HF) <50ppm
Density ~1.20g/mL  Electrical conductivity ~1.4mS/cm
Chlorine <10ppm, sulfate <5ppm, sodium <20ppm, potassium < 20ppm, calcium <20ppm

CAUTION: the electrolyte has to be processed in an inert gas protected atmosphere (glovebox recommended).
There is no warranty after the bottle is opened, or any return or exchange.

Product Code        Formula/Compositions:

LS-001                   1.0M LiTFSI in DME:DOL=1:1 Vol%
LS-002                   1.0M LiTFSI in DOL:DME=1:1 Vol% with 1.0%LiNO3
LS-004                   1.0M LiTFSI,0.1M LiNO3 in DME:DOL=1:1 Vol%
LS-005                   1.0M LiTFSI,0.2M LiNO3 in DME:DOL=1:1 Vol%
LS-009                   1.0M LiTFSI in DOL:DME=1:1 Vol% with 2.0%LiNO3
LS-042                   1.0M LiTFSI in DME:DOL=1:1 Vol% with 5.0%LiNO3
LP-001                   0.5M LiCF3SO3,0.5M LiNO3 in DME:DOL=1:1 Vol%

*** Packing Size: 125mL/100g, 275mL/250g, 625mL/500g, 1125mL/1000g
*** Please confirm the availability of the product, delivery time may be up to 30 days.

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