Microwave High Pressure Reactor 500-2000mL

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: MUHiPR-V500S

Reactor Vessel: 500mL MUHiP Reactor
Agitator: Mechanic Stirring
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A complete set of high pressure reactor with ultrasonication and microwave 
Combined benefits of high-pressure, ultrasonication and/or microwave
Volume: 500/1000/2000 mL
Temperature: Room~300℃
Pressure: Maximum 8MPa
Material: vessel SUS316L stainless steel with glass flange bottom
Optional PTFE inner chamber or glass/quartz cup
Swagelok needle valve and VivTek fittings installed (pressure gauge)
Gas port and liquid dipping tube port using Swagelok needle valves
Ultrasonicator: power 1500-2000W ouput adjustable, 24KHz

Agitator: sonication or magnet coupled mechanical stirring
Stirring 150W gear motor, controlled by VFD, speed 0-1200RPM
Heating method: heating jacket + microwave
Heating control: PID or power setting
Electrical heating jacket up to 200C
Microwave heated up to 1000 watts
Microwave, 2450 MHz, power adjustable

Two CW-3000 chillers for cooling magnetron and magnet coupled stirring
PLC touch screen central controller, programmable
Safety rupture disk device is installed

Applications: chemical synthesis, materials processing, biofuel, biomaterial and engineering manufacturing
Power input voltage AC230V +/-10%, single phase
One year standard limited warranty
 Model Volume
Temperature Sonication
AC230V 8A
MUHiPR-V1000S 1000mL Reactor Vessel ---
AC230V 10A
2000mL Room~300C
AC230V 15A
MUHiPR-V500U 500mL Magnetron 1000W 100-1500W AC230V 13A
1000mL Jacket <200C 100-1500W
AC230V 16A
MUHiPR-V2000U 2000mL
100-2000W AC230V 20A

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