Non-stirred HiP Reactor 25-1000mL

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: XHTC400-V25G

Size: 25mL NS-HiP
Heater/Controller: TC-518PA: 40-segment programmable +Heating power regulator
Stand Frame: Reactor with Frame
Sale price$1,750.00


A complete set of high pressure chemical reactor

Non-stirring option, but can use hotplate to stir under 200C (hotplate not included)
Optional temperature controller and heating ring, or a stainless steel frame stand
Reactor sealing using flange with PTFE gasket

Unique design to make sealing easy and reliable
Swagelok needle valve and VivTek fittings installed (pressure gauge)
Two NPT ports for needle valves as gas or liquid dipping tube
Electrical heating ring ceramic structure or cast aluminum
Vessel construction SUS316L standard, other materials per quoted
Digital PID temperature control system with K-Type thermocouple (Omega)
Applications: chemical synthesis and processing at lab scale
Options: A--Vessel Only, B--Vessel+Stand, C--Vessel+Heater/Controller (TC508), D--Vessel+Heater/Controller (TC508A), E--C+Frame stand, F--D+frame stand.
H--Vessel+Heater/Controller(TC508PA), G--H+Frame Stand
TC508A has heating power regulator by controlling voltage on heater.
TC508PA has both voltage regulator and programmable controller (40-segment ramp and dwell)
Rupture disc and liner chambers are optional, purchased separately.
 Model Volume
Temp/Press. Vessel (OD/ID/H)
XHTC400-V25 25mL <350C 20MPa 50/25/40mm AC115/230V
XHTC400-V50 50mL <350C 20MPa 50/30/75mm AC115/230V
100mL <350C 20MPa 60x40x90mm AC115/230V
200mL <350C 20Mpa 80x60x90mm AC115/230V
XHTC400-V350 350mL <350C 20MPa 80x60x125mm AC115/230V
500mL <350C 20MPa 80x60x175mm AC115/230V
XHTC400-V1000 1000mL <350C 20MPa 120/90/160mm AC115/230V

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