CVD Systems --- Plasm Enhanced (PECVD)

Col-Int TechSKU: PECVD-T12D80-TMVP30-RF300-GM4A-1

Tube Size: D80MM
Temperature: 1200 °C
Vacuum Pump: Turbo Pump
Sale price$52,500.00


High Vacuum Tube Furnace
Part #: PECVD-VTF1200D80
Ø  Double shell structure for good surface cooling
Ø  Furnace mounted on horizontal position with sliding trail
Ø  Maximum temperature 1200 °C
Ø  Continuous working (long term) temperature <1100 °C
Ø  Programmable temperature control with 30 segments
Ø  Temperature control +/-1.0 °C
Ø  Two end vacuum flanges, fittings installed
Ø  Heating zone length 440mm (Constant temperature zone 12inch)
Ø  Heating elements 1200°C grade Al-Fe-Cr alloy
Ø  Electricy, AC220V+/-10%, 50/60Hz, 15A
Ø  One year Col-Int Tech limited warranty
Radio Frequency Plasm Generator and Controller
Part #: PECVD-PERF300
Ø  RF power generator 5-300W output
Ø  RF frequency 13.56MHz
Ø  RF output port 50Ω N-type female connector
Ø  Power supply AC208-240V 50/60Hz, 3A
Ø  One year limited manufacturer warranty
Gas Mixer and Controller
Ø  4-channel gas mixer, mixing chamber SUS304
Ø  Mass flow meter and controller by SIERRA®
Ø  Gas channels 1: Ar 0~100 SCCM, 2: Hydrogen 0-200SCCM, 3: Methane 0-500 SCCM, 4: 0-500SCCM
Ø  Max pressure 3 MPa
Ø  Accuracy +/-1.5% FS, Linearity +/-0.5~1.5%
Ø  Repeatability +/-0.2% FS
Ø  One year limited warranty
Turbo-Molecular Vacuum Pump System
Ø  Pfeiffer® brand HiCube 30 KF40
Ø  Forced air cooling
Ø  Flange out Silencer G1/8
Ø  Power AC100-240V, 2.0A, 170W
Ø  Pump down time 5595S
Ø  Gas displacement 22L/S
Ø  Sound level <50dB(A)
Ø  Digital vacuum gauge
Ø  Ultimate pressure <10-7 hPa (7.5x10-8 Torr)
Ø  One year limited warranty
Ø  Shipping weight 20kg, product 12.5kg
PECVD Sliding Station and Cabinet System
Part #: PECVD-SSC1500
Ø  Sliding station for 1500mm tube furnace
Ø  Three cabinet support/frame system for PECVD
Ø  Dimensions 72Wx24Lx30H inch
Ø  Steel structure with surface powder coating
Ø  Weight 300lbs
Ø  One year Col-Int Tech limited warranty

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