Rotary Evaporator 10/20/50L

Model: RV-10
Parts: Full set of Rotavapor
Sale price$5,750.00


Laboratory general purpose rotary evaporator
Ideal for solvent evaporation/separation
Accurate speed and temperature control
Rotation Speed: 0-120rpm adjustable
Rotation Motor: 250/300/400 watts
Up/Down Movement: powered with locking
Condenser: glass coil type vertical position
Heating Bath: oil/water bath heating rods inside
Evaporation capacity: gallon per hour of water (x2 for alcohol)
Model Rotation Speed  Rotation Motor Rotary Flask Collection Flask Capacity
Heating Watts Power voltage
RV-10 20-120rpm 250W 10L
5L 0.75ga/h 3000W AC230V
RV-20 20-120rpm 300W 20L 10L 1.2ga/h 4500W AC230V
RV-50 20-120rpm 400W 50L 20L 2.0ga/h 6000W AC230V

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