Spray Dryer --- Parts for LSD-1500F/T

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: LSD-H1500-GDC12

Parts: Glass Drying Chamber
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Parts for lab spray dryer LSD-H1500 Model:

 Part Description Part SKU # Details
Glass drying chamber LSD-H1500-GDC12 D12inch, H16inch, glass
Glass cyclone LSD-H1500-GC4 D4inch, L16inch, glass
Glass collection jar 1 LSD-H1500-GJAR1 D3inch, H6inch, glass
Glass collection jar 2 LSD-H1500-GJAR2 D5inch, H7inch, glass
Whole glass set LSD-H1500-GLASS A complete set of glassware
S316 drying chamber LSD-H1500-SDC12 D12inch, H16inch, S316L
S316 cyclone LSD-H1500-SC4 D4inch, L16inch, S316L
S316 collection jar 1 LSD-H1500-SJAR1 D3inch, H6inch, S316L
S316 collection jar 2 LSD-H1500-SJAR2 D5inch, H7inch, S316L
S316 whole set LSD-H1500-S316 A complete set of S316L 
Spray nozzle LSD-H1500-JET Two fluid jet nozzle
Nozzle Tip LSD-H1500-NT Nozzle tip 0.7/1.0/1.5/2.0mm
Heating module LSD-H1500-HEATER 3KW heating module
Air filter LSD-H1500-AIRFITER Air filter for exhaust
Inlet or outlet hose LSD-H1500-HOSE HiTemp hose for in/out gas
Air compressor  LSD-H1500-ACBOX Air compressor set in a box
Temperature probe LSD-H1500-RTD100 RTD-PT100 sensor
Air blower/fan LSD-H1500-FAN 0.5HP Fan AC230V 3P
Clamp LSD-H1500-CLAMP Clamp for connection
Feeding Pump LSD-H1500-PUMP Peristaltic pump assembly
Glass window wiper LSD-H1500-GWW 4 inch glass with wiper



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