Spray Dryer --- Parts for PSD P3/5/10/25

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: PSD3-OutFan

Model: PSD-P3
Part: Outlet Fan
Sale price$2,750.00


Parts for PSD P3/P5/P10D/P25
Contact us for the availability of the parts.
One-year standard Col-Int Tech warranty

Model Capacity  e-Heater Atomizer Space Voltage
PSD-P3 3-4kg/hour 9KW Nozzle 2.0x1.0x2.5m AC230V 3P
PSD-P5 5-8kg/hour 12KW Nozzle 2.5x1.5x2.3m AC230V 3P
PSD-P10D 10kg/hour 16KW nozzle/Rotary 3.0x1.5x2.5m AC230V 3P
PSD-P25 25kg/hour 45KW Rotary 4.0x2.5x3.5m AC480V 3P


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