Spray Dryer --- Pilot 3-25kg Water Evaporation

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: PSD-P3

Model: PSD-P3
2nd Year Warranty: No
Sale price$49,500.00


Full stainless steel structure, surface polished
SUS316 for all contact surfaces, SUS304 for structure and outer shells
Air inlet induction fan with air filter
High temperature filter to remove any contamination before sample spraying
In-tower pressure -5~+5KPa, monitored by gauge
Electrical heating furnace with double structure and surface cooling method
Air inlet temperature range: 120℃ -280℃
Air outlet temperature range: 80℃ -120℃
Temperature precision: ± 1℃
Bag house filter system for dust removal
Single or double stage cyclone for product/powder collection
Advanced temperature control system using Siemens PLC and Delta module
7-inch Siemens HMI touch screen for easy operation
Inlet and outlet fan blower controlled by VFD
Taisee SCR regulator for controlling heating powder
Voltage input AC230V or 480V three phase
Onsite installation and training service available

One-year standard Col-Int Tech warranty

Model Capacity  e-Heater Atomizer Space Voltage
PSD-P3 3-4kg/hour 9KW Nozzle 2.0x1.0x2.5m AC230V 3P
PSD-P5 5-8kg/hour 12KW Nozzle 2.5x1.5x2.3m AC230V 3P
PSD-P10D 10kg/hour 16KW nozzle/Rotary 3.0x1.5x2.5m AC230V 3P
PSD-P25 25kg/hour 45KW Rotary 4.0x2.5x3.5m AC480V 3P


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