Tube Furnaces --- 1200°C D60/80/100-40inch

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: VTF12HS-D60-230V

Model/Size: VTF12HS-D60
Option: Furnace with Flange and Tube
Sale price$4,750.00


Double-shell steel structure
Air-cooling between the inner and outer chamber walls
Maximum temperature, 1200℃
Continuous working temperature, 1150℃
Temperature is controlled at +/-1℃ with 40-segment programmable controller (PID)
Heating rate, 0-20℃
Auto over-temperature protection
Insulation material refractory alumina (<1600℃)
Built-in heating coils (cannot be changed)
Tube materials: quartz or alumina
Tube size: Diameter 60/80/100mm, length=1000mm
Vacuum sealing flanges for two ends with fittings installed
Vacuum pump optional rotary vane vacuum pump 4.5cfm >0.5Pa
Ideal for both applications under vacuum or with inert gas protection
Applications: composite research, metals treatment, high temperature fine ceramic research, powder metallurgy, nano-materials
Voltage input AC230V single phase as specified or requested
CE Certified (Optional ETL with extra cost)
One year limited manufacturer warranty
 Model Heating Watts Tube Size (mm)
Constant Temp Zone
Overall Dimensions
VTF12HS-D60 4000W
D60/L1000 150mm/6inch
VTF12HS-D80 4000W
D80/L1000 150mm/6inch
VTF12HS-D100 6000W D100/L1000 150mm/6inch 70x50x60cm
VTF12VS-D60 4000W D60/L1000 150mm/6inch 75x50x150cm
VTF12VS-D80 4000W D80/L1000 150mm/6inch 75x50x150cm
VTF12VS-D100 6000W D100/L1000 150mm/6inch 75x50x150cm

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