Ultra-low Temperature Chillers -80℃ and -120℃

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: LBC-XC8010-230V1P

Model: LBC-XC8010
Sale price$12,500.00


Ultra-low temperature recirculating chillers
Maintain constant temperature at high precision
Stainless steel tank, seamless welding, leakage tested
Liquid level sensor switch for shutoff 
Lowest temperature -80 ℃ or -120  ℃ 
Brushless DC motor driven pump, long lasting
Pump speed 30L/min
Connector female DN25 (fittings provided for barbed type)
Excellent insulation to prevent heat loss and improve energy efficiency
PID temperature controller with PT-100 RTD sensor
Power voltage AC208/230V 60Hz single or three phase
One-year standard warranty
 Model Tank
Cover Amp 1P/3P
LBC-XC8010 10L
2500W/R404a/R23 D250mm
LBC-XC8030 30L
4500W/R404a/R23 D250mm
LBC-XC8050 50L
9000W/R404a/R23 D250mm
LBC-XC12010 10L 3850W/Mixture D250mm
LBC-XC12030 30L
6750W/Mixture D250mm
LBC-XC12050 50L 9350W/Mixture D250mm
Cooling Capacity/Refrigerating Watts:
*** Data provided by compressor manufacturer, not measured by VivTek ***
Model -120  -80  -60  -40 
LBC-XC8010 ---
120W 300W 950W 6.2KW
LBC-XC8030 ---
275W 450W 1390W 10.9KW
LBC-XC8050 --- 350W 830W 2320W 20.1W
LBC-XC12010 20W 70W
160W 500W ---
LBC-XC12030 50W
230W 650W 2050W ---
LBC-XC12050 120W
480W 1350W 4500W ---

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