Ultrasonic High Pressure Reactor 150-2000mL

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: UHiPR-U1000V150

Reactor Vessel: 150mL UHiP Reactor
Ultrasonicator: 1000W
Sale price$7,750.00


A complete set of high pressure ultrasonic chemical reactor
Combined high-pressure and ultrasonication benefits
Volume: 150-2000 mL
Temperature: -40~300℃
Pressure: Maximum 20MPa
Material: body SUS316L stainless steel or other alloys as requested
Optional PTFE inner chamber, coating or surface treatment
Swagelok needle valve and VivTek fittings installed (pressure gauge)
Gas port and liquid dipping tube port using Swagelok needle valves
Ultrasonicator: power 1000-2000W ouput adjustable
Heating device: stainless steel furnace or jacketed by external circulation
Mounting: bench top, floor stand, mobile cart or customized as needed
Safety rupture disk device is installed
Applications: chemical synthesis, materials processing, biofuel, biomaterial and engineering manufacturing
Swagelok needle valve and VivTek fittings installed (pressure gauge)

The "J" models have jacketed structure and temperature is controlled through an external circulation, normally a heated bath circulator (room-200C) or a refrigerated/heated circulator (-20~100C) by default.
One year standard limited warranty

 Model Volume
Temperature Sonication
150mL Room~300C 50-1000W
UHiPR-U1000V150J 150mL -40~250C 50-1000W AC115/230V
250mL Room~300C
UHiPR-U1000V250J 250mL -40~250C 100-1000W AC230V
500mL Room~300C 100-1500W
UHiPR-U1500V1000 1000mL Room~300C 100-1500W AC230V
UHiPR-U2000V2000 2000mL Room~300C 100-2000W AC230V

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