Microwave Ultrasonic Chemical Reactor 100-2000mL

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: MUCR-SM50

Reactor Model: MUCR-SM50 500mL
Cup/Vessels: Glass 250mL
Sale price$14,750.00


MUCR-SM series Microwave Ultrasonic Chemical Reactor Systems combine innovative technology in microwave heating and ultrasonic mixing for a chemical reaction. The reaction condition can be programmed and digitally controlled according to different chemical reactions. The reaction time can be significantly reduced by using microwave heating, while the homogeneity can be improved by using the powerful ultrasonic mixing. In some cases, this also improve the reaction selectivity.

➢ Patented technology, combining both benefits of microwave heating and ultrasonic mixing
➢ Ideal for chemical synthesis in organic, inorganic, biological and materials fields
➢ Glass/PTFE reactor vessels with easy connectors for refluxing and distilling
➢ Microwave, 2450 MHz, 0-1000 Watts, digital power control
➢ Ultrasonic, 25 KHz, 0-1500 Watts, power digitally adjustable
➢ Easy to connect to vacuum pump and heating/cooling circulators
➢ Touch screen control panel, reaction parameters programmable
➢ PT-100 sensor, 0-400 °C, ± 0.1 °C
➢ Controlled air circulation inside of the reactor
➢ LCD monitoring system to observe and record the reaction process
➢ Over-temperature protection and full stainless steel structure to minimize the microwave emission

Power input voltage AC230V +/-10%, single phase
One year standard limited warranty

 Model Vessels Microwave Sonication
100/250/500mL 600W 650W
AC230V 10A
MUCR-SM100 250/500/1000mL 1000W
AC230V 12A
250/500/1000/2000mL 1500W
1500W AC230V 15A

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