Ultrasonic Processor 250-2000W 10-2000mL

VivTek InstrumentsSKU: USP250-HT3-115V

Model: USP-250
Part: Horn ϕ3
Voltage: AC115V
Sale price$2,750.00


High-performance ultrasound processing machines
Sonication power 250-2000W
Processing liquid volume from 10 to 2000mL
Wide range of horn size to choose ϕ3 to ϕ25 (mm)
Stainless steel or glass sample vessels available
Jacketed vial or vessels to control sample temperature using with external chiller
Digital timing and power regulator as percentage
Over-temperature protection for vulnerable samples
Touch screen micro-processor based smart control system
Sound insulation box to minimize environmental noise
Voltage input AC115V or AC230V Single phase

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