Flash Joule Heater and Tube Reactor FJH-500
Joule flash heating system with tube reactors
Direct DC discharge using large capacitor power banks
DC power 0-600V 1000W, constant current and voltage
Capacitor bank: 6x33000uF (~200mF)
Working voltage: 0-500V DC
Working current: 0-50A
Max instant Current: 150A
Timing control accuracy: +/-0.001S
Electrodes: pure copper diameter 10/15/20mm
Reactor tube: quartz ID=10/15/20mm
Compressing method: automatic, Servo motor driven with Load Cell transducer
Pressing force: 0-200N
Reactor chamber: atmosphere controlled box with gas in/out ports
Controller: 7 inch touch screen, charging/discharging/voltage/alarming
Power supply: AC 115V or 230V 50/60Hz

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