Meet MCR-100: microwave chemical reactor

MCR-100 Microwave Chemical Reactor applies innovative technology in microwave heating and reaction control. The reaction process can be programmed and digitally controlled. 

➢ Patented technology for fast microwave heating and magnetic stirring
➢ Ideal for chemical synthesis in organic, inorganic, biological and materials fields
➢ Glass or ceramic reaction tubes with PTFE liner chamber for easy operation
➢ Reactor tube size 50mL, 100mL, 200mL
➢ Reaction pressure up to 4MPa using patented ceramic tube
➢ Microwave, 2450 MHz, 0-600 Watts, digital power control
➢ Easy sealing method using quick flange clamp
➢ Touch screen control panel, reaction parameters programmable
➢ PT-100 sensor, 0-400 °C, ± 0.1 °C
➢ Pressure transducer 0-5MPa
➢ Live camera monitoring system to observe and record the reaction process
➢ 10inch touch screen controller with data export and live plotting
➢ Online and remote reaction control by EasyAccess 2.0 cloud service
➢ Over-temperature and pressure protection
➢ Power input voltage AC230V +/-10%, single phase
➢ One year standard limited warranty

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